Welcome to the Cult of Knowledge. Here we make educational but still entertaining podcasts.

Surely you want to know more than that?

Well “we” are mostly the Cult Leader, who is the sultry voice you hear flowing into your ears every time you push play on an episode. The leader, like so many others, are trapped down in The Knowledge Mines toiling away under the ever watchful gaze of The Producers. On one probably dark and stormy morning though, they decided to diversify by creating an audio show. Through some amazing amount of both luck and coincidence, the leader was chosen. So now instead of toiling with a pick, he toils at the microphone, working to subvert the desires of The Producers, and more importantly, to spread as much knowledge to the world as possible.

If you think knowledge is important…
Welcome to the Cult

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Email: cult.leader@cultofknowledge.com
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